Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Literature Frenzy Rating System!

Before you ask, she's from Hitchcock's film Frenzy (1972). See what I did there? Anyways, this is a slight revamp of sorts to my initial rating system. It is time to get rid of those tiny asterisks that poorly represent stars and to further elaborate on my grading scheme. Please keep in mind that each rating must be considered within the context of any given review. For example, a two star rating for a particular novel does not necessarily coincide with a two star rating of another novel.

- A horrible steaming pile of literary crap that is a waste of time. Staring at the wall for hours would be more productive.

 - Mehhhhhhhh. Somewhat mediocre and disappointing in various aspects but does contain a few redeeming qualities 

- A worthwhile read despite a few minor weaknesses that prevent it from being great.

- Excellente! Highly recommended.

 - A literary masterpiece. Nuff' said.

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