The Ray Bradbury Reading Project

Ray Bradbury is easily one of my favorite short-story writers of all time. While he is mostly remembered for his contribution to the Science-Fiction genre and remains a huge influence, he also dabbled in fantasy, horror and even the bildungsroman. Personally, his imagination, originality, delectable prose and masterful story-telling abilities are difficult to match. For him, writing comes as naturally as breathing. He is anything if not consistent in producing quality literary works. I have yet to come across anything he has written that would be considered "bad" in an objective sense. Sure, some of his stories have been disappointing or underwhelming in certain ways but they usually contain enough positive elements that still make them worth reading. 

He was extremely prolific and according to his biographer Sam Weller (The Bradbury Chronicles, 2005), he has written over 3,600 short stories! My goal is to read them all. Is this reading project doomed to fail before it starts? Maybe. But the monumental task ahead will not stop me from trying to finish my goal even if I do not end up reviewing each individual story. The way I see it, if I am able to inspire at least one person to read Ray Bradbury and become a fan then this reading challenge has been a huge success.

Let the madness begin...
  1. The Small Assassin
  2. There Will Come Soft Rains  
  3. Mars is Heaven!
  4. The Sound of Thunder
  5. Kaleidoscope
  6. The Scythe
  7. The Pedestrian
  8. Way in the Middle of the Air
  9. The Other Foot
  10. The Pedestrian
  11. Fire Balloons
  12. The Kilimanjaro Device
  13. The Garbage Collector
  14. The Veldt
  15. All Summer in a Day
  16. Ylla (February 1999)
  17. Rocket Summer (January 1999) 
  18. The Foghorn
  19. I See You Never


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