The Saul Bellow Project


My obsession with lists and reading projects continues. Having recently been mesmerized and now currently obsessed with the writings of Saul Bellow, it seems fitting that he should be the first of several authors whom I plan on reading their entire literary output. Considering my unpredictable schedule and capricious mood swings, I do not plan on proceeding chronologically through his oeuvre; nor is there a specific deadline in my mind to finish this projectas long as it gets done one day. 

June 10, 1915 
Lachine, Quebec, Canada

April 5, 2005 (aged 89)
Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

Some interesting facts:
  • As a young man, Bellow went to Mexico City to meet Leon Trotsky, but the expatriate Russian revolutionary was assassinated the day before they were to meet.
  • He was married five times and had a child at the age of 84!
  • Winner of multiple National Book Awards, Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize for literature. 
Novels and novellas:

Other works:
  • Mosby's Memoirs and other Stories
  • Him with His Foot in His Mouth and Other Stories
  • The Last Analysis – Play
  •  Saul Bellow: Letters, edited by Benjamin Taylor
  • To Jerusalem and Back (1976) – Memoir 

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