Saturday 6 April 2024

Mammon and the Archer by O. Henry

New York, the city of demons and angels.

Considering his vast catalogue of short-stories, O. Henry is astonishingly consistent in delivering quality works. Sure, there might be the occasional misstep but thus far, I have yet to chance upon a story of his that could be deemed anything less than adequate. Each one seems to possess its own unique charm, brevity and intrigue, further highlighting his impressive literary talent.  

"Mammon and the Archer" is a great title and thematically on point, since this story explores the dichotomy between love and money. Drawing from biblical connotations, 'Mammon' embodies the allure of materialism and greed, while 'the archer' symbolizes the tender yet potent force of love, often represented by Cupid in classical mythology. In his engrossing and signature style, O. Henry attempts to answer a common question when it comes to romantic affection: can money buy you love? Well, the twist ending might just surprise you. It certainly did for me!

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