Short Story Reviews


Sherwood Anderson - Adventure

Isaac Asimov - Jokester
Isaac Asimov - The Last Question


James Baldwin - The Man Child

J.G. Ballard - Prima Belladonna
J.G. Ballard - Venus Smiles
J.G. Ballard - The Drowned Giant
J.G. Ballard - The Dead Astronaut
J.G. Ballard - My Dream of Flying to Wake Island

Donald Barthelme - The School (Reviewed in 2023)
Donald Barthelme - The School (Reviewed in 2020)
Donald Barthelme - Jaws
Donald Barthelme - Chablis
Donald Barthelme - On the Deck
Donald Barthelme - The Genius
Donald Barthelme - The Glass Mountain
Donald Barthelme - Me and Miss Mandible
Donald Barthelme - A Shower of Gold
Donald Barthelme - Porcupines at the University
Donald Barthelme - Rebecca
Donald Barthelme - Pepperoni
Donald Barthelme - At the Tolstoy Museum
Donald Barthelme - The Party
Donald Barthelme - Wrote a Letter...
Donald Barthelme - Game
Donald Barthelme - The King of Jazz
Donald Barthelme - The Rise of Capitalism

Elizabeth Bear - Tideline

Ambrose Bierce - The Boarded Window

Jorge Luis Borges  - The Circular Ruins 
Jorge Luis Borges - The Library of Babel
Jorge Luis Borges - The Aleph 
Jorge Luis Borges - The Garden of Forking Paths
Jorge Luis Borges - Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius

Ray Bradbury - The Small Assassin
Ray Bradbury - The Scent of Sarsaparilla
Ray Bradbury - Fire Balloons
Ray Bradbury - Gotcha!
Ray Bradbury - All Summer in a Day
Ray Bradbury - The Sound of Thunder
Ray Bradbury - The Night
Ray Bradbury - Perchance to Dream
Ray Bradbury - The Veldt

Angela Carter - Werewolf

Austin Clarke - Canadian Experience


Roald Dahl - The Landlady

Samuel R. Delany - Aye, and Gomorrah

Philip K. Dick - Explorers We
Philip K. Dick - The Wub
Philip K. Dick - The Colony
Philip K. Dick - The Skull

Arthur Conan Doyle - A Scandal in Bohemia

Nicky Drayden - The Simplest Equation


Greg Egan - Appropriate Love
Greg Egan - Learning to Be Me


William Faulkner - Mountain Victory


Neil Gaiman - Chivalry

William Gibson - Johnny Mnemonic

Robert Heinlein - All You Zombies

O. Henry - The Cactus
O. Henry - The Skylight Room
O. Henry - The Furnished Room

Nalo Hopkinson - Something to Hitch Meat To



Shirley Jackson - The Possibility of Evil


Stephen King - The Lawnmower Man
Jamaica Kinkaid - Girl


Ursula Le Guin - The Wife's Story

Elmore Leonard - No Man's Guns 

Clarice Lispector - Fifth Story

Jack London - All Gold Canyon
Jack London - To Build a Fire

Audrey Lorde - Uses of the Erotic


Katherine Mansfield - The Doll's House

Richard Matheson - Dying Room Only
Richard Matheson - Witch War
Richard Matheson - Dress of White Silk
Richard Matheson - Shipshape Home
Richard Matheson - Now Die in It
Richard Matheson - Third from the Sun
Richard Matheson - Born of Man and Woman
Richard Matheson - Counterfeit Bills
Richard Matheson - The Prisoner
Richard Matheson - Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
Richard Matheson - Haircut

Guy de Maupassant - The Necklace

Steven Millhauser - Flying Carpets

Lorrie Moore - Subject to Change

Alice Munro - Turkey Season

Haruki Murakami - A Perfect Day for Kangaroos
Haruki Murakami - The Year of Spaghetti
Haruki Murakami - Dabchick
Haruki Murakami - The Second Bakery Attack
Haruki Murakami - Super-Frog Saves Tokyo
Haruki Murakami - The Ice Man


Vladimir Nabokov - The Passenger
Cynthia Ozick - The Shawl


Dorothy Parker - The Waltz
Dorothy Parker - Oh! He's Charming!



Rebecca Roanhorse - White Hills


J.D. Salinger For Esme with Love and Squalor

Isaac Bashevis Singer - Gimpel the Fool

Theodore Sturgeon - Microscopic God
Theodore Sturgeon - Poor Yorick 


Thomas - Berry
Cadwell Turnbell - Jump


John Updike - A&P
John Updike - Marching Through Boston
John Updike - Twin Beds in Rome
John Updike - Wife Wooing
John Updike - When Everyone Was Pregnant


Guy Vanderhaeghe - Ray

Kurt Vonnegut - 2BR02B
Kurt Vonnegut - Long Walk to Forever
Kurt Vonnegut - The Hyannis Port Story
Kurt Vonnegut - EPICAC
Kurt Vonnegut - D.P.
Kurt Vonnegut - Deer in the Works
Kurt Vonnegut - Adam
Kurt Vonnegut - Where I Live
Kurt Vonnegut - Harrison Bergeron  


Alice Walker - Her Sweet Jerome

Eudora Welty - A Worn Path

Edith Wharton - Souls Belated

Virginia Woolf - Kew Gardens




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